Dream Bathroom Makeover:


“Sam did an amazing job remodeling my bathroom by focusing on every detail. His dedication and skill made my dream bath.”

In the domain of home renovation, each project unveils a story of innovation, meticulous planning, and the quest for excellence. We pride ourselves on transforming spaces to reflect our clients’ dreams and aspirations. One such project was the complete bathroom remodel we undertook for Allen. With a keen eye for detail and a clear vision of luxury, Allen wanted to revamp his bathroom, focusing on both the wet and dry areas to achieve a seamless and elegant transformation. He emphasized, “I want to ensure everything is perfect, from the flush flooring transitions to the no-metal finish details.”

Moving to the dry area, we took great care to ensure the flooring transition was flush with ⅛ of grout or less, maintaining a smooth and even surface. The dry tile was laid in a herringbone pattern, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication. To match the height of the hallway, the subflooring was redone, ensuring a seamless transition between spaces. The installation of a vanity and two medicine cabinets provided ample storage and functionality. We also installed two sink hardware sets, enhancing the bathroom’s utility and style. The toilet area received special attention with wainscoting installation and painting, along with top and baseboards to complete the look. Trim work on two doors and the installation of five grab bars were carried out with precision, ensuring both safety and aesthetic appeal.

Throughout the 12-day project, our dedicated team of 3 to 5 professionals worked tirelessly to bring Allen’s vision to life. With all materials provided by the customer, we ensured that every detail was executed to perfection. For Allen, this bathroom remodel was not just an upgrade; it was a realization of his dream for a luxurious and functional space. We are honored to have been part of this journey, transforming Allen’s bathroom into a sanctuary of elegance and comfort, and showcasing our commitment to quality and excellence in every project we undertake.