Transforming Spaces:


Sam was great to work with! He provided a lot of suggestions that would best fit my budget. It was no easy task, as it was a kitchen remodel from 1958.

In the exciting journey of expecting a new family member, the need for a welcoming and functional space becomes paramount. For a new homeowner anticipating the arrival of their baby, the kitchen and dining area underwent a thoughtful transformation. Lead Handyman Sam and his skilled team embarked on a 10-day project, revamping the space to accommodate the needs of the growing family.

The project’s roadmap, outlined in the estimate, provided clear objectives. Each goal aimed to contribute to the overall enhancement of the kitchen, ensuring it would meet the family’s functional requirements while staying within a budget.

The journey began with a focus on the flooring of the dining area. Laminate flooring was introduced, bringing both durability and a modern aesthetic to the space. A fresh coat of paint adorned the dining area, setting the tone for a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for family gatherings.

Expanding the kitchen became a priority, involving the removal of the cabinet exhaust over the stove to make way for a more streamlined flush exhaust system. The meticulous transformation of the cabinets followed, including a thorough cleaning, a fresh coat of paint, and the replacement of all hardware. Sam’s insightful suggestions played a crucial role, ensuring the remodel aligned seamlessly with the family’s budget.

To enhance functionality, a wireless switch-controlled light was strategically installed over the stove, adding a touch of convenience to the cooking area. Attention to detail extended to the window trims, receiving a fresh coat of paint that harmonized with the overall theme of the remodeled kitchen.

Despite the challenges presented by a kitchen dating back to 1958, Sam’s expertise proved invaluable. Pablo Frias, the homeowner, expressed satisfaction with the remodeling process. Sam’s thoughtful recommendations not only modernized the kitchen but also created a welcoming space for the new family member on the way.

In conclusion, the kitchen remodel undertaken by Sam and his team serves as a testament to the transformative power of thoughtful renovations. Beyond the physical changes, the project reflects the commitment of DeSantAna Contractors to understand the unique needs of each client. The result is not merely a renovated space but a personalized sanctuary for the family, poised to create lasting memories in their newly revitalized kitchen.