Raising the Bar:


“When I met Sam from DeSantAna Contractors, everything clicked. Their expertise in both drywall and brick siding blew me away. Sam took the time to truly understand our needs, which gave me a huge sense of relief.”

On a crisp May morning in 2024, Mr. Hang embarked on a journey of transformation with DeSantAna Contractors, a renowned name synonymous with excellence in construction. With a vision to revitalize his building, Mr. Hang placed his trust in our team, knowing that he was in capable hands.

The project kicked off with the installation of drywall, the foundation of any interior space. With precision and care, our skilled craftsmen meticulously fitted each sheet of drywall, ensuring seamless walls ready for the final strokes of paint. Adhering to stringent building codes, we fortified the building’s insulation, guaranteeing not just aesthetic appeal but also enhanced energy efficiency and comfort.

But the real highlight came with the installation of brick siding—a testament to enduring charm and resilience. Our team began by fortifying the structure with a moisture barrier, laying the groundwork for the intricate brickwork. With meticulous precision, each brick was placed, creating a facade that exuded charm and character while standing the test of time.

Throughout the project, clear communication was our guiding principle. We kept Mr. Hang informed every step of the way, ensuring his vision was brought to life with unwavering dedication. And as the final brick was laid and the last stroke of paint applied, Mr. Hang marveled at the transformation before him—a building reborn, its essence preserved yet elevated to new heights of beauty and functionality.

For Mr. Hang, this project wasn’t just about construction—it was about realizing a vision, breathing life into a space, and entrusting his dreams to a team that delivered nothing short of excellence. And at DeSantAna Contractors, we’re honored to be part of that journey, transforming buildings into timeless masterpieces, one brick at a time.