Reviving Outdoor Spaces:


“DeSantAna Contractors has proven itself as our go-to contractor and we look forward to working with them on future projects from now on.”

In the heart of a serene neighborhood, Lenora embarked on a journey to breathe new life into her porch, a space that had long been a cherished but underutilized part of her home. The top of the porch had become inaccessible due to the absence of a deck, presenting a challenge that awaited the skilled hands of DeSantAna Contractors.

The proposition presented by DeSantAna Contractors sparked the beginning of a project that aimed not just to repair but to completely overhaul the porch. The scope of the repair was extensive, addressing various structural aspects and ensuring the creation of a space that would stand the test of time.

The first crucial step involved bringing the porch to a state of good standing. This foundational repair set the groundwork for the transformation that followed. Both levels of the floors were meticulously reinforced, ensuring stability and durability, essential for a space that would be frequently used. Addressing every detail, the soffit, a critical component for the porch’s aesthetics, was replaced to enhance the overall appearance.

The posts received a makeover with structured aluminum wrapping, not only adding a touch of modernity but also providing additional protection against the elements. The stairway, a focal point of the porch, underwent a comprehensive restoration. This included fixing any issues and ensuring safety and functionality. The old railing of the stairway was replaced, not just for aesthetics but to meet contemporary safety standards.

Addressing practicality and longevity, the membrane on the top porch was replaced, offering enhanced protection against the elements. A significant addition to the project was the construction of a floating deck. Standing at a comfortable 4ft height and adorned with a new railing, it provided a picturesque and functional extension to the porch.

Lenora’s decision to proceed with this repair and overhaul project proved not only beneficial but also cost-effective. The comprehensive job, undertaken by a skilled team consisting of a lead handyman and a helper, utilized the expertise of five crew members. Despite the challenges posed by remodeling an old deck, the result was a successful fusion of modern functionality and a nod to the charm of the existing structure.